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Vienna Flea Market

I started going to flea markets and estate sales in my 20’s and have always had a hard time not stopping at a garage sale. You might say I am addicted to hunting for treasures. In those days there were always great bargains. There are not as many bargains today, but I still do find treasures.

In the past 20 years I have traveled many times throughout Europe. I have gone to many beautiful villages and special haunts in the cities. I especially love to go to the flea markets and brocantes. As I have been traveling over the years, I have collected many unique treasures.

I love to go “treasure hunting” just for the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes I am lucky and find wonderful treasures for my home or for gifts. My mantra has always been to “buy it if you love it, don’t fret about where you will put it, you will find a place". I have not always heeded this mantra and have some big regrets.

My website allows me to keep searching for treasures. I hope you will enjoy browsing and  find something  that adds charm to your home.




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